Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hard work and a Little Time

I may not be the biggest fan of hardwork, since I would rather be on a beach somewhere, but I know the value of hardwork. I once had a poem, if you can call it that, that discussed the notion of work. Thanks to nbkrishna for helping me find it...But it goes like this

Work is man's great function

He is nothing, he can do nothing, fulfill nothing, without working
If you are poor - work
If you are rich - continue working
If you are burdened with seemingly unfair responsibilities - work
If you are happy, keep write on working
Idleness gives room for doubt and fear
If disappointment comes - work
If your health is threatened - work
When faith falters - work
When dreams are shattered and hopes seems dead - work
Work as if your life is in peril. It really is.
No matter what ails you - work
Work faithfully - Work with faith
Work is the greatest remedy available for all mental and physical afflictions.

So although I genuinely don't like to work, I understand that it is through work that Change happens. It takes time, but eventually something will change. It is when you see the change happening that is really exciting. You will only ever see that if you work. As I continue to work towards my degree and several projects that are going on, I know look for the little steps of change that produce the results I am looking for. Perhaps my own reason for work is that I work so that I can play and have fun.

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