Thursday, February 18, 2010

Critically REthinking Education!

I have been involved in education for a long time now. As I work ever closer to my final degree and think about what I want to study more, I am enthralled with the work of Dr. Wesch at Kansas State University. He is an anthropologist and is using technology in exciting ways and challenging the status quo of traditional educational models. He has given several talks over the past few years to different groups on the topic of social media and how it is changing education. This video shows what I am talking about.

I think that many people only see social media and the internet for entertainment, but I think that is quickly changing. I think it is important in the new technological environment that we utilize these tools to do exactly as Dr. Wesch points out, Create Knowledge-able students. Students that can use resources to critically think about the issues before them and act in a more meaningful way.
My question(s) for you are why isn't education or instructors utilizing tools to create an engaging classroom? Is it fear? Time involvement? or lack of ability/resources? I understand that it may be all of these and more, but we have got to try better. If we truly want to promote positive change, we need to utilize our resources and opportunities to do so. Let me know what you think and comment below.

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